May 22, 2004/Wedding day of Terry & MaryJo

May 22, 2004/Wedding day of Terry & MaryJo

May 22, 2017....our 13th wedding anniversary.

A few of my favorite things from this day 13 years ago....that Terry and I were looking our best (love for food and a child change that throughout the years), that my dad was able to walk me down the aisle and sung his heart out to the perfectly chosen songs, words written by my grandma that told nothing but the truth and what I thought at the time topped it all...the honeymoon.  Don't get me wrong it was fantastic and we have many memories from that week, but as we grow older those little things are what we treasure the most.

Marriage...we never knew how true grandmas words  would be until now.  Marriage is fun and sweet but sometimes it's hard!  No one really ever mentions that part....and on those hard days you have to lean on God and know it's just one of those hard days and your love is stronger! 

It's about being a team...we both excel at different things but we pray that we always meet back in the middle!  

We are human and fall in the motion of in and day out....but in the end we have built our marriage to be the best we know how and continue to love one another during all the emotions of life!  Here is too many more years of building and loving our marriage!  Happy Anniversary Terry!


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