Enjoy the little things.....

Enjoy the little things.....

March 19th.....it's a few days upon us.  It's a day to celebrate the life of our daddy.  Boy, how he enjoyed  life (most of the time...living in a house with 5 girls I'm pretty certain there were a few rough days in his life).  But I know without a doubt he always loved us.

But back to the 19th..it brings smiles but honestly brings the pit of the stomach pain as well.  I try my best to push pass that pain and think of all dads favorite things.

Because who doesn't love their favorites on their birthday.  And dad was all about celebrations especially his!  And with four daughters it was a sure bet his gifts would include a few of his favorites.........orange slices, circus peanuts, anything UofL or that involved golf, coconut pie, and cards with a lil bit of green falling out when opened...just a few of the things he loved.

So on the 19th I'll be reminiscing about dad enjoying the little things.  You may even catch me with some orange slices, circus peanuts, (sorry dad, can't handle the pie), all while wearing BLUE....seems like a good way to start the day....YA HEAR ME! 😊❤❤😇


Didn’t get a chance to meet your sweet dad but knowing you, 1 of your sisters, & your super sweet Momma i am sure i would have love him too.I love how you choose to celebrate him & his favorite things. SADLY that pain is proof of the love you shared..Hugs

Love you sis! I love your writings about Dad (he would have liked you wearing red though.. Lol). ❤?


Love and hugs……enjoyed reading this. I miss hearing his jokes !!!!

Melissa B. Filiatreau

I’m loving your blogs my friend, and yes, it’s always the little things that mean the most. They are the things that really keep the memory of the ones we love alive.


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