Be Kind!

Be Kind!'s here...we are almost to the end of January!  So we all knew I was ready for a fresh start in 2017!  When I think of a fresh start I not only think of business goals but personal goals.  How can I make myself a better person!?!?!?

In today's life/world there is a LOT of UGLY!  The attitudes, the negative, rudeness, just ugliness (i guess that's a word)!  God made us all different! (and I thank him for that).  We are always going to have others that we disagree with, but that is no reason to bring out the UGLY!  But you know, being ugly is the easy way honestly takes work to be kind...seriously!

So back to how can I make myself a better person in answer.....BE KIND!  I knew that it would take some work (i consider myself somewhat kind.....yes, my sisters are laughing really hard right now) but I never knew it would take as much work as it really does!

When others are mean to us our natural instinct is to punch them right back!  But there is an old saying that always comes around, "Kill them with kindness!"  It truly is easier said than done!

So now knowing that I will struggle with one of my goals of 2017 I came across this book...."The Kindness Challenge" by Shaunti Feldhahn. I honestly don't know one person that couldn't benefit from this book.  It truly makes you aware of the UGLY that comes from you!  And I have realized over and over again that it is one of the hardest things to change.  

The first step is owning that you are negative and unkind.  I have found some of my weaknesses and it's a challenge every single minute of my day to reverse them.  I own my UGLY!  It won't be fixed over night.  You will be amazed how often you catch things you do after reading this book.  And when you correct those things you will see the difference in your relationships.  

You won't regret reading this book and putting it into action!  Be kind.....together we could all make this world a better place! :)

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